BMS DENTAL Cleanmed Suction

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BMS DENTAL Cleanmed Suction For the Daily cleaning and maintenance of Dental Aspirator Systems (คลีนดซักชั่น)

For the Daily cleaning and maintenance of Dental Aspirator Systems. Can be used on wet line, dry line and semi wet/dry line suction systems.

Effective Spectrum and Contact Times

  • Bactericidal
    • Pseudomonas aeruginosa 10 min, Enterococcus hirae 10 min, Staphylococcus aureus 10 min, Salmonella typhimurium 10 min, Legionella pneumophila 10 min
  • Yeasticidal  
    • Candida albicans 10 min
  • Virucidal
    • Hepatitis C virus (HCV) 10 min, HIV 1, H1N1 Virus Influenza A,Influenza B Virus, Poliovirus Type 1, Rotavirus, Norovirus
  • Fungicidal
    • Aspergillus niger,  Penicillium, Spores Bacillus subtilis 60 min


  • CLEANMED SUCTION is a highly effective cleaning and disinfecting product. Also used for effective cleaning of the spittoon bowl. Non-Foaming and non-abrasive, chlorine, aldehyde and phenol free solution. Easy to use & Measure. Effective against a wide spectrum of organisms (see table). Alcaline based for removal of Daily deposits.

 Directions for Use:

  • Dispense 5% solution 50ml Aspirator Cleaner and Disinfectant Daily to 950ml warm water. Aspirate via the high and low volume suction tubes and also dispense into the spittoon bowl. Leave for a minimum of 10 minutes in order to activate the working properties and then rinse thoroughly with clean water.


  • Didecyldimethylammonium chloride, Tetrasodium ethylene diamine tetraacetate, Isopropanol (Propan-2-ol), Ethanolamine (2-Aminoethanol), N-(3- aminopropyl)
  • -N-dodecylpropane-1,3-diamine.

Tested to Standards:

  • EN 14885, EN 14476, EN 13697, EN 13727, EN 13624, EN 13704


Notice the warnings on the label and accompanying documents before use

Distributed by Prompt Dental and Medical Supply Co.,Ltd. (Head office)

21 Soi Bangna-Trad 29,

Bangna-Trad Road, North Bangna,

Bangkok 10260,

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